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The North Winds

  • Manufactured by: MEC


 Wind sounds on the Chinese Mongolia prairie


·        DSD and 24/192 record. 32/96 post-production.

·        100 tracks, 10GB

·        Winds, wind turbine power plant field, footsteps on deep snow.

·        Volcano hills(elevation 1000m high), frozen lakes, snowy mountain, prairie. Under -15C winter.

·        The cold winds you can feel, the samples you can hear in this library.


Why the winds are different

1.      Most of the winds samples I heard, are typical. But in the real world, when the wind blowing your face and body, you can feel that’s quite different. That’s what I’m looking for.

2.      In Chinese Kungfu stories and legends, there is a magical part named Tsi Gong. It’s kind of internal huge power from the human body.  Winds are always very usual for creating sounds for those kinds of miracle strength with VFX. But it’s so hard to make the winds in studio.  Then we need go outside and find the winds in the nature world.



The microphones in the record

Earthworks TC-20 (x2), AT40739(x2),  3Dio pro, Sony PCM-D100(with DSD format), Sound Devices 722, Shure Se535 in-ear headphone, Sony 7509HD headphone.




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